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Meet Our Nutritionist

Alina Taute was born in Kimberly and raised in Namaqualand. Alina graduated from Ogies High School in 1991 and studied BSc Agric at the University of Pretoria. She received her degree in 1995.

In 1996 she received her Honours degree in Ruminant Nutrition and received her Master's Degree also in ruminant nutrition in January 2000. The title of her thesis was "The influence of nitrogen fertilization, physiological stage and season on qualitative and quantitative characteristics of Panicum maximum cv Gatton for sheep".

Alina published 3 articles in the South African Journal of Animal Science and also published numerous articles in local magazines such as Landbou Weekblad, Farmers Weekly, ProAgri, Senwes, etc.

Alina started to work for Yara Animal Nutrition South Africa (previously called Kynoch Feeds) in March 1998 and is still employed at Yara Animal Nutrition South Africa. Alina is a ruminant nutritionist specializing in phosphate supplementation and licks for cattle and sheep.